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The 5 Most Popular Types of ID Card Solutions


So why do we need ID cards? In what situations are ID cards not only helpful but necessary? In this blog post we will explain the 5 most popular types of ID card solutions as well as why so many people (businesses, governments, etc.) 

have implemented the use of ID cards. The 5 most popular types of ID card solutions are:

1. Corporate ID Card Solutions

As corporations and business enterprises continue to grow in size and number of employees the need for ID cards is more and more important. Corporate ID card solutions usually include employee ID badges and visitor badges.

Some corporate ID card solutions use ID cards as smart cards to create corporate credit union account cards to make transactions in the company’s cafeterias and gift shops cash-free. These ID cards that work as smart cards are also used to control access to certain buildings.

2. Government ID Card Solutions

ID cards started as government solutions for keeping track of its citizens. Since digital card printing came into existence governments around the world have been incorporating digital imaging into their national ID cards.

Some of the most important government ID card solutions include driver’s licenses, national IDs, Military badges, community center ID’s, and welfare benefit cards, to name a few.

3. Education ID Card Solutions

As education continues to be the currency of the future, more people are entering schools, community colleges, and universities every day. Student ID’s for students in grades K-12 usually consist of a photo and some basic information about the card holder (name, age, grade, etc.).

Education ID card solutions in universities usually consist of using student and staff ID’s as smart cards for cash-free transactions (in cafeterias, bookstores, etc.), access control (to student dorms, libraries, etc.), and good ol’ proof of identification (students in large classes are usually required to show their student ID cards before taking tests).

4. Transit ID Card Solutions

With so many people using public transportation options on a daily basis, it has become absolutely necessary to streamline the transaction process as much as possible. Transit ID card solutions include ID cards for both customers and transit workers.

Though most public transportation options allow customers to pay with cash, many of them have introduced transit ID cards that can have cash loaded onto them. Swiping a transit ID card along a card reader has proven to be a much faster transaction process than customers trying to pay in exact change.

5. Healthcare ID Card Solutions

While healthcare ID card solutions are far more advanced in countries like France, hospitals and healthcare facilities in the U.S. and other countries also implement the use of smartcard ID cards.

As well as access control and employee management, Healthcare ID card solutions can include ID cards and smart cards that have a wide range of purposes including: speeding up the patient registration process, tracking patient billing, and accurate record keeping.

Can you think of some other important uses for ID cards? What industries do you think would benefit most from using smartcard ID cards?

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