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Retail ID Card Solutions

Retail ID Card Solutions

retail-card.jpgBenefit From Showing Your Appreciation

With the variety of options customers have, you have to do everything you can to retain both their business and their loyalty. Showing appreciation will go a long way toward strengthening your relationship. One way to show customers you value their business is to provide them with glossy, personalized loyalty cards. Acknowledge frequent visits and award points to your customers according to their level of spending in your business. Magnetic stripe and smart card technology allows you to offer your customers product discounts and points toward merchandise, while also allowing you to record valuable data about their buying preferences at the same time. Receive insights so you can stock complimentary products in close proximity to their favorites. Team up with area merchants to offer joint promotions. Tailor-design your sales and marketing efforts directly to your customers' needs. Build satisfaction and loyalty and watch your business grow!

We offer complete systems to help get your personalized loyalty card program off the ground -- and more! So replace your laminated or outdated digital card printing system with the most versatile, easy-to-use personalized loyalty card system around.

Our personalized loyalty card program is ideal for:

 * Frequent customer loyalty cards

 * On-site program registration

 * Paperless coupons and promotions

 * Instant loyalty account balance reporting

 * Instant recognition of VIP customers

Your staff will also benefit from a personalized loyalty card printing system that is easy to use, fast and reliable. In addition to printing professional-looking loyalty cards, Our systems offer you and your employees the following capabilities:

 * Dual card hoppers for different, color-coded card stock -- card color denotes level of loyalty earned by customer; easy to upgrade to     next level right on-site

 * Magnetic stripe and smart card encoding for easy recording of buying habits

 * On-site badging -- no mail delays for employee or customer cards

 * High speed, one-step printing -- no time-consuming cutting and pasting

 * Durable, colorful employee photo ID badges * Employee time and attendance tracking

 * Access control


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