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Print & Copy Management

Print & Copy Management

Evergreen ID Systems has strategically partnered with leading providers of Print and Copy Management Solutions, as a Value-Added Reseller of their products. Our print management solutions are designed to help schools, colleges, and universities, as well as public libraries and corporations recover costs, reduce waste, increase productivity, and optimize performance through managing their printing, copying, and PC usage.

By tracking, monitoring, and controlling the network use of our customer's assets we help to reduce waste, optimize performance, and provide the knowledge required to confidently make new investments as well as the best of your existing investments.

Our ability to ensure that we deliver results for you is based on:

* Our award winning software products
* Our commitment to open standards
* Our custom solutions capability
* Our philosophy of superior support
* Our partnerships with the leading hardware and software providers
* Our top-notch technology team

All singularly committed to one focused goal.

Print Management

Print Monitoring software solutions track, monitor, measure, route and optionally charge for network printing. Solutions can have their own accounting database and can interface to third party accounting and authentication systems. An easy-to-learn scripting language allow you to modify almost every aspect of your print management from customized messages to intelligent document routing.


The most exciting aspect of our Print and Copy Management solutions is the quick and measurable pay-back that they offer. The Return-On-Investment of these solutions can be realized almost immediately in the reduction of print and copy waste. While each site and application is different, it is not uncommon to see an 80% reduction in print waste within the first few months of implementation. And the cost savings continue from there.

Contact Evergreen ID Systems today to start down the road of waste reduction and cost savings with Print and Copy Monitoring Software.

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