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How to Use Your ID Cards

How to Use Your ID Cards

Before anything you need to know what you are using your ID cards for. This will help determine they type of system that is best for you.

7 Popular Uses for Cards:

1. Identification

Identification cards allow for you to put a photo as well as information such as name, address, job title and any other specifications. This is the basic form of an ID card, from here you can add additional features and technologies in order for your cards to have multiple purposes.

2. Visual Security

Security features can be added to cards in order to prevent counterfeit and tampering as well as increase the durability of the card.

Features include:

  • Laminates- Laminations add an extra layer of protection. It makes cards harder to break and harder to tamper with while protecting them from elements. Laminated cards last five times longer than unlamented ones, decreasing the amount of reprints you have to do. 
  • Holographic Laminates- These allow for extra security. You can order standard ones, or make your own customized ones in order to make you ID cards more difficult to recreate.
  • UV Printing- This allows you to print an image onto the card that only can be seen with black light.

3. Access Control

Access cards go along with card readers placed at entrances in your building in order to grant card holders access to certain areas. There are several types of card technologies that allow you to do this including:

  • Magnetic Stripe Cards: These cards store encoded information on a magnetic strip which is decoded when it makes contact with the reader when being swiped.
  • Proximity Cards: These cards use RFID technology, meaning they have a mini radio frequency transceiver chip along with an antenna inside them that allows users to either wave their card in front of or to tap a card reader, rather than having to manually swipe it.  The radio signals then wirelessly send the information to a terminal and are processed. These cards store encrypted information, adding an extra level of security. These can be used for building access.
  • Smart Cards: These cards use a smart chip in order to both give and receive information. Contactless smart cards use RFID combined with a smart chip to allow users to either wave their card in front of or tap a card reader, rather than having to manually swipe it. These can used for building and computer system access.

4. Visitor Management

Specific printers allow you to quickly print paper cards so you can give vistiors access to your buidling or facility. A driver’s license reader can scan your visitor’s license so the information can be used on the visitor pass. Over time the words ‘Void’ in red will appear across the pass so visitors are prevented form using the pass again. The system stores the visitor’s information so it can be used again at a later time if necessary.

5. Payment

Using magnetic stripes, bar codes and smart cards can also allow you to use cards to make payment transactions. The cards will store data and/or link to the cardholders’ account.

6. Membership

Membership cards allow you to develop customer loyalty. In accordance with a point of sale system these cards can track customer purchases, allowing them discounts and rewards.

7. Time and Attendance

Cards with smart technology and paired with card readers allow you to record information into a time and attendance system when a card is swiped or scanned allowing you to track hours.



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