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Identification Card Printers: 5 Key Features You Should Look For

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Purchasing an identification card printer is a significant investment, and probably not one that you want to repeat if 


you end up with the wrong one. Plus, if you settle on a printer that can't meet your needs, you might find yourself stuck with inadequate ID badges, prohibitively slow print speeds, jammed up machines, or other frustrations. That is why it's so important to consider your options before making a selection, and know what to look for in an identification card printer. These are the 5 key features to focus on:

1. Number of Sides

Identification card printers typically come as either a single-side printer, or a dual-side printer. The only difference is that dual-side printers can print onto both sides of a card in a single pass. It is entirely up to you which type of printer you pick, just make sure you tailor your choice to your ID printing needs. If you plan on printing a lot of cards, or particularly complex cards, having the enhanced capability of the dual-side printer will save you time and hassles. If you needs are more basic, spend less on the single-side printer. Just make sure to account for both your present and future needs.

2. Print Speed

Most organizations end up using their identification card printer to print off a large number of badges at once, and then it largely sites idle until the next big print job. That is why print speed is such an important consideration. If your printer can't handle the volume of you require of it, you might face annoying backlogs, missed deadlines, or degraded equipment. Be sure to research the print speed for both color and monochromatic print jobs.

3. Office Fit

This is a feature that often gets overlooked when shopping for identification card printers, but ultimately it might be the most important consideration of all. Unless you have a lot of space to work with, you are probably going to set your printer up wherever you have room. Make sure that the one you select is the right size to fit into the space available, has access to the necessary power sources, and it not so loud that it creates a disruption around your office. Basically make sure you known the dimension of the machine you are purchasing, and find out what it looks/sounds like in operation.

4. Warranty

Identification card printers are complex machines with lots of moving parts that get put through a lot of use. Even the best ones are susceptible to problems because of all that wear and tear. Look for a printer that comes with a warranty that covers both the printer itself and the printerheads - the most sensitive component. That way, if you ever do have a problem, you can get it resolved quickly, cost-effectively, and by a qualified technician.

5. Security Features

As part of your interconnected office, you will almost certainly want an identification car printer with a USB port and Ethernet connectivity. These features are an asset, but also possibly a liability if you plan to have your printer connected to a network. If malicious entities can tamper with your printer from offsite, you might be inviting exactly the kinds of threats your ID badges are meant to protect against. Plus, emerging federal regulations are mandating that these printers have certain security features built in, and if you are non-compliant you could face a penalty. The best policy is to look for a printer that has the most advanced available security features built in already. The extra cost you pay is far less than the cost of a replacement printer down the road.

One strategy that is helpful when selecting between identification card printers is to make a list of all the features that you require from your entire ID card program, and then look for the printer that can deliver the largest number of them. And if you have questions or concerns, it is always worth it to speak directly to an expert. Contact the team at Evergreen ID Systems to get all the information you need. 

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