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Police ID Card Solutions

Police ID Card Solutions

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As a police officer you need to be able to identify one another, as well as to be identified by citizens, quickly and easily. Identification technology will allow you to do so securely. Standard or oversized photo ID badges allow you to verify identities quickly. Counterfeit-proof cards created by printers with SmartGuard prevent unauthorized printing. Laminates add an extra layer of protection making cards difficult to tamper with and standard or customized holographic laminates allow for further protection against counterfeiting.

Beyond identification you can use proximity or smart cards to allow you to grant access to buildings and/or confidential data.

Use our high-quality cameras that utilize an interface to connect directly to your computer, so you have mouse control over all camera functions including pan, tilt, zoom, and many other camera features in order to produce high-quality, detailed images.

Make the decision now to ensure quality and security: Replace yourlaminated or outdated digital ID badge system with the most versatile, easy-to-use, and secure card personalization system around.

Our digital card printing systems are being used in the following applications:

* Police ID Cards

* Commission Cards

* Access Cards


And our systems offer the following benefits:

 * Secure holographic overlaminates for weather-resistant, tamper-resistant, counterfeit-proof cards

 * SmartGuard -- a feature for locking out unauthorized printer operators

 * Locking card hoppers to safeguard your blank cards

 * Dual card hoppers for multi-colored card stock denoting rank or clearance level

 * Edge-to-edge printing for bright, high-quality photographs

 * Oversized badge printing for quick visual face/photo recognition

 * Durable cards -- for wearing or carrying

 * Magnetic stripe and smart card encoding, inside the printer

 * High speed printing -- print while registrants or licensees wait

 * Evergreen ID Systems’ complete customer satisfaction guarantee




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