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Implementing an ID Card Program

Implementing an ID Card Program

In addition to selecting an ID Card System, other considerations should be made on implementing this within your organization.

1. System Layout

Where will your card system be located? Do you want it to be in the HR department where individuals will go on their first day of work? Or do you want it to be part of security where they can be given access to your facility?

For high throughput card production (i.e. a school or college environment, first day of the school year) how will individuals flow through the ID card area? There may be a line where individuals wait, photo area with backdrop, then waiting for the card to print.

Will your printer and camera be in the same place? Some organizations choose to have photos taken in one place, and have them printed in another.

And don’t forget the time it takes to create a card. Our card printers vary in terms of card printing speed but our experience is that most of the time spent in making a card is interacting with the individual at the photo station… look up their name or ID number, stand over there, move to the left, no your other left, smile, oops looks like you blinked so let’s try again, “that photo is awful can I please take another”, etc. A good rule of thumb when looking up a person and then capturing a photo is roughly 2 minutes per person when moving along at a comfortable pace.

Do you have limited space?  You may want to consider a printer where cards enter and exit at the same end of the printer, freeing up valuable desk/counter space. But be aware that these printer configurations can sometimes limit adding additional features at a later time.

It’s important to also keep in mind that a camera must be mounted somewhere. All our cameras come with a mount. The preferred distance between camera and person is 4 to 8 feet.

Will you have a backdrop behind the person? Purchase that here. 

Another consideration is to keep your software database on a network server so it can be accessed from multiple places, but more importantly so you don’t lose information in case of technical issues.

2. Wearing your cards

Card display on a person is important when it comes to visual security. Do your employees need to be identified quickly and easily? Check out our lanyards. Do you need easy access to ID cards, but need them out of the way while working? Check out our retractable badge reels.

Securing a card to a lanyard or retractable badge reel or clip will require that the card be punched with a slot, or placed in a badge holder.  If punching the card with a slot punch, you may want to consider using composite cards which are more durable. When punched, the bridge of plastic on the inside of the slot becomes the weak point and composite cards hold up better in this area.

3. Cardholder Responsibilities

Factor in time to discuss with cardholders their responsibilities. Discuss lost card procedures. Does the card have multiple purposes? Let them know what all of those are. Does the card allow accessibility to buildings or systems? Let them know where these are, and any of the security issues related. Is it a payment card? Let them know how to put money on. Some organizations provide a statement to be read and signed covering all company guidelines regarding the card. Signature pads (hyperlink) can be purchased so signatures can appear on the back of cards.

4. Lost/Stolen Cards

Remember to plan in case of stolen or lost cards. Who should the card holder report to in case of this? If the cards grant access, or hold money or valuable information, whose responsibility will it be to deactivate the card? Will you charge card holders a fee to replace their cards? What information will they need to provide to get a new card? The majority of our software saves previous cardholder information, making it easily accessible for reprints. Will you have an “if found” statement on the back of your card with a location to return lost cards to? You can print these statements onto the cards yourself, or cards can be preprinted to all have the same statement on the back.





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