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Transit ID Card Solutions

Transit ID Card Solutions

transit-card.jpgMake a rider's experience simple and easy

Trains, subways, automobiles, buses, and ferries – we have so many options of how to get to where we need to be. As a transit authority official trying to increase your ridership, you have your job cut out for you. Instead of have riders fumble over coins and paper transfer slips, use one of our Card Personalization Systems to simplify complex fare structures and create cash-free transactions.

Provide high-quality, personalized photo transit cards to your customers through high-speed printing. Using the same system, encode a magnetic stripe or smart chip on a plastic card with the number of passages your customer purchases. Customers can load funds onto a card at your central processing station or major bus depots and subway stops. You can decrease the amount of time customers spend passing through tollbooths and turnstiles while also having the ability to track customer’s travel times and routes.

We can help you maximize your investment in a card personalization system by opening up a world of possibilities associated with an electronic card. Make your system do double duty by also using it to print full-color employee photo ID badges that track time and attendance and provide access control.

Make things as simple as possible for riders and for you and replace your laminated card or outdated paper ticket system with the most versatile, easy-to-use, secure card personalization system around. 

Our Card Personalization Systems are ideal for:

 * Multi-use transit cards -- use as fare cards in city buses, subways, toll roads and ferries

 * Stored value cards -- transit cards double as phone cards or discount cards at retail outlets

 * Rapid, on-site card personalization

 * Tracking information about your customers' high volume travel times and routes

 * Partnering with area schools to create customized student bus passes and loyal riders

 * Printing employee and transit guard photo ID badges

 * Controlling doors at building entrances and secured interior areas

In addition to printing attractive monochrome or full-color photo ID cards, your staff will appreciate all the features that make our systems flexible and easy to use:

 * Encoded electronic cards -- foil counterfeiters of paper tickets

 * Magnetic stripe and smart card encoding, right inside the printer

 * SmartGuard -- a feature for locking out unauthorized printer operators

 * Edge-to-edge printing -- for bright, colorful cards

 * Oversized badge printing -- for quick visual face/photo recognition

 * Durable cards -- for wearing or carrying

 * High speed printing

 * Input/output card stackers for high-volume applications

 * Dual card hoppers for different colored card stock -- print weekly, monthly or yearly passes

 * Evergreen ID Systems’ complete customer satisfaction guarantee



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