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Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Complete Visitor Management Solutions

Visitor management systems offer a variety of benefits for businesses large and small. Establishing a visitor management system sends a clear message to all employees and visitors that your company views safety as a priority. This sense of security will boost employee morale and productivity. Many visitor management systems allow visitors to pre-register electronically or register very quickly in person, which will help visitors feel expected and welcome at your facility.

Using a visitor management system, your facility will be able to establish the lobby as your first line of security. Here, visitors’ pictures and other information can be obtained, ID cards can be verified, single-use ID badges can be created, security checks can be performed and visitors can be registered and signed in upon arrival.

Visitor management systems can also provide automated reports, which are incredibly valuable tools capable of letting you know when/how often a particular visitor comes to your building, who is hosting them, how many visitors are processed daily or hourly and how many people pass through each station. This information will make it possible to monitor different aspects of your visitor management system and allow you to audit the reports and make any changes necessary to improve your building’s security.

Evergreen ID Systems makes it easy to address all of these security needs and more. We have formed a strategic partnership with STOPware Inc., a company that creates visitor management and lobby security software, and offer their PassagePoint products for enhanced lobby security. We have also partnered with Jolly Technologies, offering their LobbyTrack solution. With this suite of visitor management solutions at your fingertips, ranging from sophisticated tracking solutions to simple event registration systems, your company will be well equipped to take care of your unique visitor management needs.

No matter the size of your company, we have the perfect solution for you. Should you have any questions about visitor management solutions for your company, please don’t hesitate to contact our Evergreen ID customer service team.

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