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Membership IDs

Membership IDs

membership.jpgMany big stores, restaurant chains, hotels, airlines, etc. are starting to incorporate the use of membership cards in their day to day business transactions with customers: offering special deals as a part of memberships in exchange for the customer’s address, email address, or a monthly/yearly fee. 

Odds are you have a membership card to some restaurant, store, etc. in your wallet, as they are becoming more and more a part of business/customer transactions.  So, what are the benefits of both designing and using membership cards for your own business? Well you can improve communication between the business and the customer, you can offer special deals for membership card holders, you can embed technologies to track purchasing behavior, and control access, all with membership ID cards.  Learn more about how your business would benefit from Membership ID cards, at Evergreen ID Systems.

Membership cards are for fitness clubs, golf course memberships, Rotary clubs, Buying clubs, etc. Advantages are branding, pride in ownership, easy check-in/check-out, attendance tracking, and easy identification on site. Add a magnetc stripe or barcode to work with on-site POS systems to record member purchases and to track member activities to increase brand loyalty.

Our Card Personalization Systems are ideal for:

  • Frequent guest loyalty or membership cards
  • Rapid front desk registration
  • Room key encoding
  • Cash-free purchases in on-site restaurants, amusement parks and retail outlets
  • Accurate guest billing
  • Controlled access to guest amenity areas such as pool and VIP clubs
  • Season passes with stored value for use from year to year (if applicable)

In addition to printing professional-looking loyalty or membership cards, your staff will appreciate an ID card printing system that is easy to use, fast and reliable with the following capabilities:

  • Durable, oversized employee photo ID badges -- quick visual recognition
  • Employee time and attendance tracking
  • On-site badging -- no mail delays for personalized loyalty or membership cards
  • High speed, one-step printing -- no time-consuming cutting and pasting
  • Input/output card stackers for high-volume applications -- eliminate printer down time
  • Dual card hoppers for different, color-coded card stock -- card color denotes level of loyalty earned by guest; easy to upgrade guest     to next level right on-site
  • Magnetic stripe and smart card encoding for easy tracking of guest amenity usage
  • Additional card security features available
  • Evergreen ID Systems’ complete customer satisfaction guarantee


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