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Transit ID Card Solutions from Evergreen ID


These days, ID cards can have many different uses beyond simple identification or building access. As public transportation becomes an increasingly popular way to get around in urban areas, more and more customers are looking for ways to simplify the ticketing process—and that’s where ID cards come in.

The average public transit rider has to fumble with change, tokens, transfer slips and paper tickets when boarding. By switching to one of our Evergreen ID Card Personalization Systems, however, this process can be drastically simplified. Using ID cards allows for cash-free transactions, which can reduce the amount of time riders have to spend waiting in line at tollbooths or turnstiles before boarding a bus, train, subway or ferry.

“Smart” ID cards can be encoded with a magnetic stripe or smart chip, allowing customers to pre-load funds or ticket purchases onto their cards ahead of time. In addition, personalizing the cards to include the rider’s name and photograph will help prevent misuse or theft.

As an employer, consider providing your employees with cards that serve a dual purpose by offering ID badges that track time/attendance and provide access control while also operating as convenient public transit passes. Doing so will make it possible for you to maximize your financial investment in an ID card personalization system.

Simply put, some of the advantages of using an Evergreen ID Card Personalization System include the following:

  • Multiple uses. Personalized ID cards can be used as fare on city buses, subways, trains, toll roads and ferries. At the same time, they can be used for access control at building entrances and in secured interior areas. Last but not least, they can even be used as phone cards or discount cards at local retail outlets!
  • Enhanced security. Our personalized ID cards can be encoded, which help prevent counterfeiting. They can also be used to track information about customers’ high-volume travel times and routes.
  • High quality and durable. Our ID cards are made to be durable for wearing or carrying and feature edge-to-edge printing for bright, colorful cards. Depending on your company’s needs, we also offer the option to create oversized badges for quick visual/face recognition.

Evergreen ID offers a complete customer satisfaction guarantee for all users. If your company is interested in simplifying your identification and transit options, contact us today to discuss our unique Card Personalization Systems. 

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