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ID Card Systems for Visitor Management

As businesses and organizations continue to look for ways to improve their security, one area that is getting more attention is visitor management. By keeping a close eye on who comes in and out of your premises, you can better ensure that your employees, property and information are safe and secure.In the past, it has [...]

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Membership Cards - 4 Benefits of Designing and Implementing Your Own

Many big stores, restaurant chains, hotels, airlines, etc. are starting to incorporate the use of membership cards in their day to day business transactions with customers: offering special deals as a part of memberships in exchange for the customer’s address, email address, or a monthly/yearly fee. Odds are you have a membership card to some [...]

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Buying ID Cards - How to Choose the Right Type of ID Card

Whether you’re buying ID cards for your own ID card system or ordering preprinted ID cards there are a few things you must consider before choosing the type of ID card you’re going to purchase. Here are a couple of questions you can answer that will better help you figure out the best type [...]

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Designating Different Levels of Security with ID Cards

Maintaining your security is important, especially when you’re a part of a business. Often times in businesses that are larger, employees are given ID cards that detail who they are and what they have access to. Not only does this ensure that employees are safe in the workplace, but it also allows the business to [...]

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3 ID Card Photo Don’ts You Don’t Want to Miss

Here at Evergreen I.D.Systems our goal is to provide our customers with the latest, high-quality, and most efficient ways of identifying and keeping track of people. We are able to do so by constantly keeping ourselves informed on the latest identification-related security threats and always keeping ourselves up-to-date with the newest identification systems.However, we [...]

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How to Get a 'Green' ID Card

As we move into the future and become more conscious of our limited natural resources and carbon footprints, industries have started evolving to adopt "green" practices. Simply stated, this means keeping a keen eye on the size of your carbon footprint and taking efforts to reduce it.The ID card printing business is among those that [...]

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Guide to Finding the Right ID System

One of the best ways to enhance the security of your organization is through an ID card system; however it's important to know your options before purchasing one that works best for you.Entry Level SystemIf you would like a solid ID card system while staying within a tight budget, an entry level system might be the [...]

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How secure are your ID cards?

No matter the type of organization, employee ID cards are an integral component to your security. Here are 3 visual security elements that will help your security team members determine the authenticity of a card without having to read the cards electronically. #1 Fluorescing Ribbon                        [...]

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